First Year

Non-german german

Through researching in the area of sociolinguistics I came across too conflicting but stern opinions;
"...the sequence of individual behaviour which occurs during social interaction can be looked at as a kind of motor skill. These have been extensively studied in the field of linguistics and in laboratory experiments, and their psychological components are now well understood."
The Psychology of Interpersonal Behaviour,
Michael Argyle
"Each one of us is aware that our style of speech changes in the twinkling of an eye, depending on a wide range or variables such as setting, the topic of discourse, the person we are interacting with, the purpose of interactions, and so on."
Accommodation Theory
Dimitrious Thanasoulas
In response, I created a methodology to identify whether someone is genuinely from the nationality that they claim to be, through the accuracy of interpretation of a national identity that is too perfect to be true, without the adaptation of accommodation theory. 
To my surprise someone in Design Interactions fitted my suspicions, Julika Welge. 

Julika's Desk
Julika's Desk
Comparison of Julika's frequency with another native German
Comparison of Julika's frequency with another native German