Ross Cairns

Digital Smell

A collaboration with Nelly Ben Hayoun
A project that looks at development in Lab-on-a-Chip technology that allows electronic products to have a digital sense of smell.
  1. Three Experiences of Nano Scale
    • NanoGun, NanoSmell and NanoWorld
  2. Two Smell Experiments
    • The Perception and Smell Experiment
    • The Instinct and Smell Experiment
  3. Seven Lab-on-a-Chip, Digital Smell Videos
    • Control Clip:
      When we smell our best?
    • Odeur de Femme:
      Is it 'that time of the month'?
    • Pregnancy Test for Men:
      When is she pregnant?
    • Exercise Lock:
      If we've been exercising?
    • Pamplemousse™:
      How healthy is our lifestyle?
    • Weeping willow:
      If we smell?
    • Nature Stick:
      How organic you are?
The first stage in the project created three experiences devices with entertain with the concept on the nano scale.

Two smell experiments were conducted during the second stage to explore and generate content around found research.

The outcome communicates possible future situations that explore current scientific thinking in a entertaining and provoking yet accessibly way.

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