Philipp Ronnenberg
Second Year

Occupy! A Public Library Archive

The pillars of the Juxon House, next to the Paternoster Square at St. Pauls London, were used by protestors of the Occupy London movement and various other social groups as a public library. They stuck posters, articles and bits of information all over the pillars.
Many passers by stopped to read the varied posters and notices. The place began to be an inviting social space for conversations and meetings.
The posters and all the other information were taken off the pillars in December 2011. Occupy! A Public Library Archive is a documentation of every square inch of the pillars of the Juxon House. All the documented information is copied to read only USB-sticks.
The USB-stick casing is designed as a scaled down replica of the original pillars, complete with the Grecian head which is found on top of 5 of the pillars at Juxon House.
To keep up the information accessible on site, there is an ongoing development to provide a wifi access point which is hosting the rescued information in form of a local website on site. Equipped with a solar powered battery, an embedded linux board (Gnublin) and a WIFI usb dongle, the system is capable to run autonomous.
In collaboration with Nathan Burr.
This archive has been donated to the British Library's social policy department.

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Juxon House pillars
Juxon House pillars
Before and after
Before and after