Nicholas Mortimer
Second Year

The Interpreter

A lone man works at night in his
apartment, deciphering or encoding, translating
or interpreting. His obsessive efforts
culminating with a near pathetic airborne
result. Part dream sequence, part future
fantasy, The Interpreter is presenting a home
made technology, potentially biological and
an ad-hoc atmospheric experiment.Through
this narrative of a surreal compulsion, the
film aims to confront the way information is
processed, transmitted or created.
Looking at the potential of temporal
atmospheric phenomena to be considered
as information or data, whilst focusing on
the notion of the home made and private
endeavour, can we imagine what the future
of technological processes could be like in
domestic environments?
By considering what data can be, and how
we might view communication itself, the film
questions the way in which we can imagine
transmitting or receiving information through
a completely non-digital aesthetic, and what
is behind this new machinery is closer to
magic than science.

Film available via vimeo :

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