Nicholas Mortimer
Second Year

Duty to Act

‘Duty to Act’ - a film which is the result of an investigation into the way that reality is designed in the realm of news media and self publishing.

Rather than a didactic approach to designing systems and speculations, this project seeks to
take a notion of design fiction into an ambiguous space - where the product of research and
criticality results in an open ended, multi layered narrative which is purposfully constructed to
encourage interpretation and stimulate debate.

The protagonist is seen to operate a fully functioning home made news operation - carrying
out the task of filming, editing and commenting on a fictional world event. Her actions could be
viewed as a physical representation of our ability to perform roles in a media saturated world,
as producers and consumers of our own content, or as a portrayal of the design of political,
televised rhetoric which surrounds us all.

Exhibited in a self contained installation environment, the film is presented as a three channel, looping
entity designed to immerse the viewer in the world of a speculative obsession.

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Home made news footage
Home made news footage
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Media centre simulator
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miniature cameras
Media centre simulator
Media centre simulator