Mathias Vef
Second Year


The film is a visual investigation of the gap between the promises of augmentation through technology and the realities. ‘Me-Loop’ presumes a future where augmented reality will be ubiquitous, allowing each of us to filter, shape and manipulate our (visual) perception.

The result will be a customised, personalised, bespoke world where we all see and live individually designed realities. Perception will be augmented, with our individual ‘likes’ amplified and our ‘dislikes’ dampened or eliminated. Things we don’t care for will simply be superimposed with things we do.

Technologies and services will no longer be a lens between reality and ‘me’, but will enclose ‘me’ in a bubble, a self-referenced loop of hyper-reality – a Me-Loop.

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Microbiomic Baptism
Machinic Gender Identity
Functional Clothing
Modified Sports