Louise O'Connor

Secret Sound Hostess

Secret Sound Hostess (Work in Progress)


Service / Performance

Low frequency radio waves created by lightning, storms, meteors and atmospheric events thousands of miles away produce strange sounds heard on DIY receivers ... astronomers listen to the natural radio emitted by planets...

… Natural phenomena also creates infrasound – sound inaudible (though physically affecting) to humans though not to animals, elephants use it to communicate over vast distances...

… The tiny vibrations of the inner workings of yeast cells can be translated into sound as does a needle on record...


How does our perception of the natural world change through listening in on sounds normally unheard?

The secret sound hostess endeavours to take you on a journey through species and spaces.
Available for sonic tours Summer 2010!

Bio Pop
Communing through Costuming
Choreography of the Very Small
Trio Eidophone