Louise O'Connor

Communing through Costuming

Series of Events \\ Costume Design \\ Alternative Practices

A collaboration with  Ben Faga, Communing through Costuming is an exploration of the power of costume to transform one's perspective to allow for alternative engagements within the world they find themselves. After spending days in the forest with wild animals, we used costume as a means to empower ourselves to engage with these creatures. Through dress we experienced the forest with new senses, we became: spreaders, gatherers, resters, spectacles, seeders, and performers. We designed our clothing to allow us to feel more a part of the forest, less of a visitor.
A reminder that, while we may feel to be outsiders, we are a part of nature.

"Nature speaks with a thousands voices, and we have only begun to listen." 
-Ilya Prigogine & Isabelle Stengers

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