Julijonas Urbonas

Emancipation Kit

A set of emetic tools and pharmaceuticals, specially designed for the elegant ritual of the eviction of the contents of the stomach –
We live in the age of enlightenment that is lightening and lighting up our heavy bodies. Thanks to our eyeballs, and an enormous variety of its technical supplements, from spectacles to out-of-human-sight-spectrum imaging technologies, today we can perceive our world without a single move of the muscles (except that of the eyes). No drop of sweat but gaze is required for getting around, whether watching a mundane car’s 'road movie' while commuting spaces or more exotic Martian rover’s broadcastings. Distance is no longer measured in steps but in light-years, that is, the time light reaches the retina. Living world becomes a gravity-free spectacle, and the body does nothing but sees and is seen.
Unfortunately, the body does not get lighter, let alone its disappearance, but the opposite happens: it becomes even heavier and more noticeable. As an example, ‘couch potatoes’ and anorexics, both victims of the age of enlightenment, tend to gain extra weight – for the former in a fleshy or rather fatty form, and for the latter in a psychological manner. Following this trend, both get imprisoned in their bodies, especially as it comes to dealing with gravity-driven environment.
For those 'enlightened', still believing in the possibility of dissolving the body into the weightless photons, the ritual of vomiting, both symbolically and physiologically, is of crucial significance. It celebrates the abandonment of the body.
Emancipation Kit allows those ‘unenlightened’ to be familiarised with this one of the most celebrated rituals of disembodiment. It does not merely facilitate the act of vomiting; this set of tools and pharmaceuticals turns the ritual into the experiential and elegant spectacle. This is a bodily simulator of the disaster of the flesh, whereas in the hands of anorexics, for instance, the kit works as a facilitator and catalyst of the flesh’s dissolution, a peculiar sort of anti-gravitational machine.

GRAVITATIONAL AESTHETICS: an exploration of the interplay between gravity, aesthetics and technologies
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