book  Design Noir: The secret life of electronic objects.
Author  Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby
Date  2001

"Beneath the glossy surface of official design lurks a dark and strange world driven by real human needs. A place where electronic objects co-star in a noir thriller..."

'Design Noir' is a guidebook to an invisible but very real landscape, one shaped by electromagnetic forces we do not usually acknowledge and can hardly sense. Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, two of the most intriguing designers working in Britain today, explore the way we interact with electronic objects, our environment and other people. Most electronic products are bland and predictable, designed for mass appeal - Dunne and Raby make the case for different experiences and genres, for environments and products that can be disturbing, subversive, funny and poetic. In this accessible and entertaining book, they introduce their ground-breaking research to a broader audience.

The Placebo project which explores mental well-being in relation to domestic electromagnetic fields is presented in detail in this book for the first time. Working in collaboration with photographer Jason Evans, Dunne and Raby documented what happened when items of furniture that made up the Placebo collection were 'adopted' by volunteers around London.