Aloïs Bordenave
Second Year

The LR/LR Audio Therapy

Asymmetry often exists in some parts of the human body.

By looking at the facial features, especially when expressing feelings, emotions, or reacting to a certain event, the differences between the two sides of the face can be easily distinguished. This is highly related to the left-Right brain function division, which the left-brain controls logic, practical thinking, and the right brain is in charge of emotions and fantasy thinking.

Since the cranial nerves are connected to the opposite sides of the body, the appearance on the left side of the face represents more private, self-image, intuitive characters, on the other hand the right side is more public, wish-image, organized. 

The aim of this therapy is to balance conflict in the state of mind. Asymmetrical facial reactions capture in real time generate separate left and right hand audio channels. These are played to the opposing ear in order to create a balanced cycle.



The Video